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6th Anniversary!


Artists: Marcus Ahlers //Melda Akbas// Alice Baillaud // Jason Benedict // Yam Benyamini // Annette Blum // Pascal Brateau // Peder Claesson // Kay Hartmann // Ines Kotarac // Kodo Miura // Petra Nebatz // Sina Ness // Aurélie Pertusot // Stefanie Walk // Florian Weiss

On the 8th of August, at 6:00 PM the WerkStadt has its birthday and would like to invite everyone.

Artworks by international contemporary artists will go up for auction, the majority having been produced in the WerkStadt artist studios.

The auctioned pieces cover a wide spectrum of media - from sculpture, to painting, as well as a variety of print techniques.

The evening begins with fascinating dance performance by Jadi Carboni and Philippe Rives, who will fill the space with a rich artistic atmosphere.

At the end of the evening the WerksTheater group will perform a series of short sketches to finish up the festivities.

Between the auctiouneering we will offer a buffet of small appetizers, while the bar makes sure evryones drinks are topped off.

Come on by and check it out.

Maria Ortese


In unserem Kunstraum finden jährlich 8-10 wechselnde kuratierte Ausstellungen statt. Das Spektrum unseres Projektraums reicht dabei von Malerei über Fotografie hin zu Skulptur, Installation und Multimediakunst.

Jule Böttner & Jason M. Benedict


Since the WerkStadt was founded in an abandoned pharmacy in the summer of 2008 we have had events of all kind including concerts, theater, poetry slams, silent disco, lectures, meetings, and of course wild parties.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns we were busy renovating that abandoned pharmacy for the umpteenth time... this time with a small stage. We are always looking for new event formats so please contact us if you are looking for somewhere to experiment and find an audience.

Silvia Cojocaru & Judith Rohleder