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Art Clinic 20.11.2019

Art clinic

ART CLINIC is a monthly exchange platform for emerging and professional visual artists of all mediums.

Our guests are:
Javiera González Zarzar
María Victoria Rodríguez

About the artists:

Javiera González Zarzar studied architecture in Santiago, Chile, and she is currently based in Berlin.
She is presenting her series “Measuring Time,” which is a collection of works using burlap and wool developed between June and September 2019. Her work uses the textile as a structure, experimenting with the sizes of the stitch, the net fabric, and gradient color to give a three-dimensional effect to the surface.

María Victoria Rodríguez is an Argentinian illustrator and 2D animator from Rosario, where she studied painting and animation earning a degree in Arts.
She currently lives in Berlin and is engaged in developing new projects influenced by her discoveries in the city.


In unserem Kunstraum finden jährlich 8-10 wechselnde kuratierte Ausstellungen statt. Das Spektrum unseres Projektraums reicht dabei von Malerei über Fotografie hin zu Skulptur, Installation und Multimediakunst.

Jule Böttner & Jason Benedict