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Crocheting a community and the relevance of handwork in today society


What makes a person part of a community? Is clicking ‘Like’ enough?

In today's technological world, where the extension of our hand is usually an iPhone I find it more important and relevant than ever to reuse our hands in traditional craft.

Echoing the traditional hand work practices in old societies, I’m interested to see if a handwork or the craft of handwork can still be a way to form a group/community, to form an internal language.

As adults we connect with each other through oral language rather than through play and in recent years through social media rather than social activity.

I therefore invite to participate in an adult "playground" - an alternative space and time, where the focus is shifted back to something very primary through communal crocheting work.


In unserem Kunstraum finden jährlich 8-10 wechselnde kuratierte Ausstellungen statt. Das Spektrum unseres Projektraums reicht dabei von Malerei über Fotografie hin zu Skulptur, Installation und Multimediakunst.

Jule Böttner & Jason Benedict