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Emmanuele Gattuso

Voices cover

"Italy’s Emmanuele Gattuso whose work bridges lo-fi confessional songwriting, heavy industrial driven loops and electro-acoustic based electronic ambient into a singular, moody collection. Electronic whispers, ominous low-tone, smouldering static." (

"Slow-burn confessional. Six tracks of static wash, lo-frequency turbulence and somber lyrical interludes. Secrets from a ring modulator, the deep crush of emotional wreckage." (

"Emmanuele Gattuso's "Voices" is a further step into the artist's lo-fi world.
A journey started with the double issue "Beams" and "Plaything" (deepwhitesound, 2013) that marked the beginning of a new kind of experimental songwriting.
His new ep wanders into ambient and noise soundscapes, secrets whispered through ethereal vocals and ear scratching guitars, synthetic percussive breaks, a totalizing experience.
Produced by Emmanuele Gattuso and Raffaele Bassetti, artwork by Portland based artist oVo, "Voices" is the beginning of a promising collaboration with Belgian Hyphen Records.
Emmanuele Gattuso's discography is available on"


In unserem Kunstraum finden jährlich 8-10 wechselnde kuratierte Ausstellungen statt. Das Spektrum unseres Projektraums reicht dabei von Malerei über Fotografie hin zu Skulptur, Installation und Multimediakunst.

Jule Böttner & Jason M. Benedict


Since the WerkStadt was founded in an abandoned pharmacy in the summer of 2008 we have had events of all kind including concerts, theater, poetry slams, silent disco, lectures, meetings, and of course wild parties.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns we were busy renovating that abandoned pharmacy for the umpteenth time... this time with a small stage. We are always looking for new event formats so please contact us if you are looking for somewhere to experiment and find an audience.

Silvia Cojocaru & Judith Rohleder